About Us

Call2dialtech is among the leading online VoIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) service providers. Through our efforts we aim at establishing a communication setup that is profitable, sustainable, and expandable. We are focussed on offering telecommunication solutions that are penetrative and purposive.

With different avenues of VoIP possibilities, we work out the most remunerative ones so as to make your telecommunication investment worthwhile. For this purpose we are endowed with accomplished professionals with expertise in different fields supported by latest available technologies.

Our Objective

It is our objective to augment operational efficiency of our clients through implementation of telecommunication solutions and in the process increase productivity. In the current environment of cut throat competition we use our resources to their optimal limit to offer solutions that give you an edge over your competitors. Price benefit thus acquired from this optimization of resources could thus be put to constructive use.

Our strategy

At Call2dialtech it is our strategy to inculcate an ambience of growth across all levels of functionalities and in the process involve our clients. Deployment of best available resources and economisation of infrastructural cost contribute towards improving your ROI. In keeping with our objective and strategy we offer comprehensive VoIP solution under one roof.

Our commitment

Call2dialtech is committed to provide a prominent online presence to our customers and maintain that through continuous innovation and customization of services offered. Our uncompromising value based services with the assurance of superior quality at every level of project delivery and implementation help you stay ahead of competition.

Our Services

  • We undertake the following online telecommunication services:
  • Voice broadcast
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange)
  • Click to talk
  • Video Conferencing
  • Calling solution
  • Tele-FAX
  • Invoice solution
  • Tele-commerce
  • Sound box dial
  • Multi-tenancy
  • CRM telemarketing

We are here to make a difference to your telecommunication methods and business profitability. You could choose any of the services or add one after another and watch your return grow surely and gradually. Call us.

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