About us

Call2dialtech is among the leading online VoIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) service providers.
  • Voice Broadcasting is a method of delivering a recorded voice message to multiple phone numbers at once.

  • An IP PBX is a private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) that switches calls between VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient.

  • Telephone service facility set up to handle a large number of (usually) both inbound and outbound calls.

For Call2DialTech, value addition is the underlining factor in the services we provide. Even saving incremental time in completing a communication cycle or increasing revenue by increments is crucial for us.

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