Call Recordinng System

Call recording is an important tool to capture conversations between customers and your agents. These recordings can be used for training and quality analysis, and for also analyzing performance for improvements. We provide efficient technology solution that is compact and capable of recording for long hours.

Call2DialTech is a pioneering company in offering innovative solutions for communication and call centre technologies. We are one-stop solution when it comes to receiving performance enhancement solution for call centers. The voice recording system is an important tool that captures conversations between agents at your organization and customers that contains critical business data. The recorded pieces can be used for analytical purposes to create more efficient process. The solution we offer is fit for your size and budget. Moreover, we offer customized solution that will align the system with your business goals. It can be integrated into an existing system or can be installed as an standalone recording device.

  • Packed with advanced features our call recording system is a must for your call center or enterprise:
  • Limitless recording - Long recorder life to record all inbound and outbound calls.
  • Efficient search - With efficient search feature search to large volume of recorded pieces in minimum time.
  • Multiple format recording - Choose between different formats to save recordings.
  • Data back-up - Take regular data backup and save all recording in back-up drive for future use.
  • CRM integration and reporting - Integration with CRM allows you to view call logs and publish comprehensive report.
  • Highly secured - Don't fret over security of your business critical information. Controlled access to the recording will help you select the people you want to share the recorded files with.

Call2DialTech voice logger is a portable but powerful device and a must for your business. We offer affordable solution for call recording requirements. Record all interactions between your agents and customers that can provide critical business insight. For more detail get in touch with us today.