Click to Call

Connecting with your customers is not an easy task especially today when most individuals do not want to be interrupted at odd times. One of the best ways of remaining in touch with both your customers as well as the potential leads is to harness the power of Click to Call functions. It makes sense to turn to Call2DialTech therefore.

Let your user reach out to you easily by clicking a button to talk directly to a customer care executive. Click to call is a popular service that allows users to place a call by clicking a button on your website. The process works in real-time, i.e. the user will immediately be connected to a support staff or can request for a call back by submitting their number. It is an excellent feature for website owners who want to provide free call facility to its user but it also a great marketing tool that allows the service provider to track visitors to a site. Click to call is a popular feature that helps businesses to boost their business, increase number of potential customers and traffic to websites. Call2DialTech offers a wide range of click to call services with help of a variety of software solution. We offer holistic solution by offering both client side and server side implementation service helping our clients to adopt click to call in all possible ways.

We will not only help you by allowing the customers to connect with you at convenience but will also spare you their displeasure and annoyance by assisting you with this digital form of communication. Call2DialTech enables a visitor to your website to click on a button or a text on the site in order to be able to talk to you instantly. The call does not remain confined to a phone only though, a click-to-call or click-to-talk can also be directed via a SMS or 'Voice Over Internet Protocol' (VoIP).

Call2DialTech will not only give you the opportunity to reach out to your customers in real time but it will also assist you in maximizing your conversion rates thereby helping you to achieve your target within the shortest possible time.

Click to Call is definitely more effective than an ordinary phone call and happens to be even more speedier than emails. By answering the queries of visitors to your website you also address the real issues thus increasing the chances of acquiring a genuine customer via this immensely useful web based communication.

That is not all though! Call2DialTech is dedicated to provide you with more benefits via its quality click to talk service, namely :

  • The visitors get to call you at convenience especially when they are curious or interested in a product and are likely to be converted into a loyal customer easily.
  • The customers are reassured by a voice thereby their initial reluctance to deal with a machine is overcome satisfactorily enabling you to assist them properly thus increasing the chances of gaining a repeat order.
  • Customers can contact you via click-to-call 24X7 and you have less chances of losing out on a potential lead.

We help you adopt new technology!

Click to call is a perfect solution for business owners, especially small businesses, who want to exercise greater control over its customers. With the help of the technology you can ensure that you never miss another potential customer again. By helping them to directly reach out to you, you improve time and speed and eliminate delay. It is sure to improve your business performance with more number of satisfied customers. If you think that adopting click to call is the technology to support your business we can help you in that. We have wide experience and market exposure to offer customized solution that would suit your requirements. With us you can be assured to receive quality solution with accuracy and speed. We have one of the best teams of engineers to carry out projects.

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