Contact Centre Solutions

Call2DialTech executes both inbound and outbound contact centre functions. The fundamental concept behind our service is to create a communication channel that meets your business objectives while providing consistent access to correct information at the right time.

IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) Service – IP PBX is a service aimed at delivering information that includes voice, audio, and video over a communication network. IP PBX provides the perfect solution for business enterprises having multiple telephone extensions as in a call centre.

  • Voice Broadcasting – Voice broadcasting is a service where a pre-recorded message is broadcast across multiple lines. Common example is election campaigning of political parties to mobile subscribers. Campaigning for products or services could also be achieved through voice broadcasting.
  • CRM Call centre – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an open source application that enables efficient call centre functions. CRM is designed to manage business enquiries, qualify leads, monitor inventories, and track campaigns. The solution also monitors customer support functions.
  • Missed call solutions - Finding solutions for missed calls is an important function of a contact centre. This function offers complete information of a sender: phone/ mobile number, time and date of call or message. These details help in completing a call. This feature also prepares and sends auto replies, SMS alerts, and e-mail alerts.
  • IVR system – IVR or Interactive Voice Response system allows a telephone caller to choose from a voice menu. This is a computer-based application that guides the caller to a requested solution through successive selection of numbering keys as in a telephone or mobile. Call back and forwarding, answering SMS, announcements, and making phone calls are features of an IVR system.
  • Video conference – Video conferencing is a communication technology that enables transmission of videos live and online between two or more members. It is a virtual conference of two or more people in different locations.
  • Voice Box dialling – This is an essential tool for recording and dialling of voice interaction among agents, managers, and supervisors on one side, and buyers, and prospects on the other. This tool allows storage of all verbal communications in several formats. Telephones, microphones, and radios are components used in setting up voice box diallers.
  • Click to call – This is a service that allows callers to speak to customer service representatives with the click of a button. This feature helps in monitoring calls where callers change from one medium to another; for instance from a phone line to web based line.
  • Call record – Call recording is an essential function of contact centre service provider. It records all incoming and outbound calls. Many of the recorded conversations could be important.

Call2DialTech has experienced professionals to implement and support contact centre solutions. Our prompt service and affordable pricing have helped in becoming a market leader. Check us.