IVR Solutions

IVR has become a popular technology that allows the user to interact through simple keypress. This is a highly efficient method for handling customer queries by allowing them to select the kind of service they sought. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system guides the user through options like opting for self-service or speaking to an agent. Introducing IVR offers multiple benefits – it helps in reducing cost for calls, free your agents to deal with more complex issues, and also increase number of satisfied customers as they can self resolve their problems through simple instructions. IVR is quick, efficient, and smart communication solution that aims at improving performance of call centers.

Call2DialTech offers simple but powerful IVR technology that will help in improving the bottom line of your business. Our solution is easy, convenient, and users friendly which will reduce complexities from call handling and will make it easier for your customers to solve problems by following simple instructions. The system will automate the entire process of call management, introduce transparency to it, and optimize performance of your agents. We offer highly customized solution that will allow you to select technology to build your own app. Our developers will assist you from beginning to end in the development process using our APIs to devise a customized solution that will meet your requirements. With us you will receive the best-in-class solution which includes the following solution.

  • Process automation - Arrange for automatic call back for your customers.
  • Self-service - Give options to your users to opt for self-service or a call to an agent. This feature will help in resolving more issues in a day.
  • Integrated solution - We offer complete integration solution with your existing system and CRM. Also integrate IVR across multiple contact centers to create a centralized solution.
  • Streamlining - Process streamlining through connected, integrated system.
  • Customized solution - Introduce customized menu and quick updates in easy process. Make changes in real-time and the system will update callers immediately.