Missed Call Solutions

Generate leads out of missed calls. We help you tap into missed calls and generated qualified leads from those. With an efficient management system track all missed calls from customers and arrange quick and effective call back system to reach out to them. In the world of smart communication solution missed call management is certainly the best.


How the missed call management system works?

Since every call matters in the competitive market, missed calls are crucial. Your customers can simply give a missed call on the number given and you can set for an automatic SMS message to be sent out to them. You can arrange for a call back to the numbers and get in touch with them.

Our missed call management solution is an efficient mediator service that would connect your agent whose number has been registered for the missed call and will automatically connect it with the customer. You can also register multiple numbers and the system will search randomly before placing the call. We guarantee that with this system in place you will never miss a business opportunity again.

The system comes with many features. You can arrange for a text message to be sent automatically to the customer after the call or similarly, can arrange for URL forwarding or email forwarding. The immediate call back feature ensures that no time is lapsed between the calls and it helps with capturing customer’s interest.

The missed call management system is an efficient tool which helps with reducing call charges. Moreover, with our interactive web GUI, consolidated dashboard, integrated analytics, and customized reporting solution you get a complete solution in hand. In building the solution we have worked on keeping it simple and user friendly. The simple solution can be used for multiple purposes such as the following.

  • Lead generation and general inquiry
  • Opinion polls and live voting
  • Campaigns
  • Online verification
  • Customer registration
  • Information collection