Voice Broadcasting

If you want to reach out to many at once voice broadcasting is the best option that you have. Particularly useful for marketing campaigns, political campaigns or customer reminders voice broadcasting allows you to send customized message to each recipient at the cost of single call. The advanced voice broadcasting system allows you to play pre-recorded message to your audience.

Voice broadcasting is an essential tool for marketing. It is a software that allows to play a message automatically to a list of recipient. Using the advanced voice broadcasting technology you can pre-set options for the message to be played. Our team helps you create powerful broadcasting messages and ensures higher penetration using patent software. You receive real-time, illustrated reports to determine how the campaign is performing.

  • Our application promises best performance with remarkably advanced features:
  • Detail reporting with real-time graphical data to help you understand the report at a glance.
  • Manage phone numbers with customized caller-id feature to make your calls look more authentic.
  • Remote management facility allows you to shoot a message even when you are away from your computer.
  • Conduct full-fledged phone polls and collect and record authentic data when people respond back.
  • Eliminate steps for your audience to call you back with push to call feature.
  • Play call back message with unique local number that your audience can call back.