A2Billing solutions

A2Billing is an open source and free telecommunication solution which provides both traditional and VoIP services. In combination with Asterisk it creates a physical platform as well as soft switch option for offering commercial and residential VoIP, call back, and calling card services. These services might be provided across PC diallers, IP PBX systems, Class 4 and 5 switches, and even mobile diallers.

This open source tool is free and we at Call2DialTech only charge for its implementation, users' training and support. A2Billing is capable of carrying out multiple functions, and end users are free to choose any or all of them depending upon requirement. These functions include:

  • Calling card service with either caller ID or PIN recognition.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) termination for IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) systems.
  • Residential VoIP termination.
  • Commercial VoIP termination.
  • Call-back service.
  • Special applications development.


Why A2Billing

This open source tool is essential for telephone or computer based communication service providers because of its features.

  • Customer management - Entire customer handling services could be monitored by the tool. Services like generation of numbers, call recording, customer grouping, customer history, mass mail delivery, multiple currency support, automatic refill, sending credit limit notification, and so on are effectuated by A2Billing.
  • Call-through, call-back, and calling card services - These services comprise caller ID authentication, PIN authentication, auto provisioning, caller ID delivery, multiple language support, speed dials, caller ID manipulation using IVR (interactive voice response), last number dialled, follow on calls etc.
  • VoIP CPE (Customer Premises Equipments) possibilities - This feature allows SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and IAX (Inter Asterisk Exchange) protocol support, flexible VoIP authentication, SIP over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) support on request, multiple Codec support and so on.
  • Traffic reporting - Through this feature it is possible to obtain detailed CDR (call detail record), DNID (Dialled Number Identifier) reports, monthly traffic comparison, daily traffic reports with graphs, profit and loss reports etc.
  • Billing and payments - This feature endows the tool to generate invoices automatically at periodical intervals, provide details of customer balance, control and manage manual payments, support online payment methods such as PayPal, Plug-n-Pay etc. Manage subscription packages, prepare detailed report of transactions, payments, refills of both customers and agents.


Why Call2DialTech

Call2DialTech is an accomplished name in implementing and supporting A2Billing solutions for both residential and commercial setups.

  • It has the most devoted and experienced team of professionals for developing and supporting A2Billing solutions.
  • Solutions offered are customized.
  • Projects are completed ahead of deadlines with accuracy.
  • User training is provided after integration and after each upgrade.
  • Support is immediate.
  • Cost of projects are affordable and among the most competitive in the industry.

Any telecom company intent of offering top quality calling card, and VoIP telephony services are invited to contact us at the earliest convenience.