Asterisk Solutions

Asterisk is a useful open source communication application building support. It is used in creating a communication server out of a computing device that manages and monitors IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) systems, conference servers, VoIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) gateways, and other customized solutions. This open source sponsored framework sponsored by Digium might be used by call centres, government agencies, and businesses of all scales.

We at Call2dialtech use Asterisk to develop a complete business phone environment or enhance an existing communication setup to establish a high quality broadband based service.


Why Asterisk

Asterisk helps in creating real-time, multi-protocol communications solutions and apps. The highlighting feature of Asterisk is that it shields the complexities involved in communication technologies and protocols and enables you to focus only on innovative solutions and creations. This framework is equally efficient with large and small networks or communication environments.

  • Versatility - Asterisk is equally functional with traditional, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), and VoIP protocols. Thus irrespective of the communication environment that is in use, Asterisk is capable of enhancing it. Computer-telephone interaction is of vital importance in a communication setup. Which Asterisk does through AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface), AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface), ARI (Asterisk REST Interface), and call spooling.
  • Scalability & Flexibility - A great advantage of using this framework is its scalable nature. Being scalable it grows together with your business. At every opportunity of growth of your business this framework could be scaled up thus preventing addition of new tools and protecting your cost. Needless to say Asterisk has all the call features of an EPABX system. Together with its scalability, Asterisk is renowned for its flexibility. It functions as a conference server and also a gateway.

Asterisk has the amazing potential of creating a unified communication system that also supports business functions equally effectively.


Why Call2dialtech

Call2dialtech is a true communication application development company that is committed to creating VoIP, IP PBX solutions.

  • Dedicated team – Ours is a dedicated team of professionals who are not only proficient in using Asterisk as tool for app development, but also are totally aware of current market trends.
  • Timely delivery – Projects irrespective of their complexities and customization are completed within schedule.
  • Flexible approach – Asterisk app development is always an instance of challenge. We work in close connivance with you as improvements and modifications could also be made in the last moment.
  • Training and Support – Our responsibility is not completed on implementation of an Asterisk application, but extends to offering training to users. Prompt after sales support is another vital parameter of our service.
  • Price – We are among the most affordable creators of Asterisk based applications.


Trust us once, and you would always.