FreePBX solutions

FreePBX offers a completely web based stage for creating enterprise grade communication applications. It is an open source system that covers the deficiencies of Asterisk through its built-in features. Setups already having Asterisk framework installed would find FreePBX as an enhancement. Intrinsic features of FreePBX enable creation of configuration plans and dialling plans more easily. This saves considerable time and allows you to focus on other areas.

FreePBX open source platform provides a unique communication system that not only simplifies installation by creating configuration files but also offers support for every update made. In addition to working on site, FreePBX also has the ability to perform in cloud thereby offering you maximum flexibility.


Why FreePBX

FreePBX offers a pre-programmed functionality that allows it to be used out of the box. The features that make it mandatory for a web based communication environment are:

  • Creation of unlimited voicemail boxes.
  • Establishing unrestricted conferences subject to processor power.
  • Formation of 'ring groups' with call confirmation (for instance if a mobile phone within a ring is out of range the call gets diverted to voicemail prompting all other phones within the ring to ring).
  • Intercom and paging functionality.
  • Supports Asterisk supported trunk technologies such as IAX (Inter Asterisk Exchange, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and ZAP.
  • Creates interactive voice response (IVR) menus.
  • Manages callers and queues.
  • Detects and receives incoming FAX messages.
  • Searches company directories based on last or first names.
  • Backups and restores the entire PBX system.
  • Shares administrative duties.
  • Saves automatic recordings of calls made.
  • Views call details, conversation recordings, and trunk status.


Why Call2dialtech

  • We are the leading providers of FreePBX solutions with complete training and support.
  • Development and implementation is followed by users training and support.
  • FreePBX being an open source platform has provisions for third party developments. All such developments are integrated and implemented.
  • We provide instant support for this web based communication app development platform, as any delays could become costly.
  • We engage the most accomplished team of professionals and deploy latest technologies for developing FreePBX applications.
  • We protect your investment by making upgrades as and when they become available.
  • Prices offered by us for developing and implementation are highly competitive.

Rely on us for fully functional and ably supported FreePBX web based applications for your communication environment.