VICI Dial, GoAuto Dial, OS Dial Solutions

VICI Dial, GoAuto Dial or OS Dial is a VoIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) solution that controls complete inbound and outbound calls. This is fundamentally an open source application designed for call centres where an Asterisk based open source PBX system is able to interact with a client computing device or telephone system.

VICI Dial is designed to work with Asterisk that is endowed with IAX (Inter Asterisk Exchange), ZAP, and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk lines. IAX enables transference of VoIP sessions between servers and terminal devices. SIP trunk lines allow deliverance of telephone services to customers owning SIP based IP PBX. It also allows web conferencing and desktop sharing.


Why VICIdial

Predictive dialling of VICIdial allows making outbound calls on at a time. This is particularly vital for call centres where number of callers is huge. VICIdial has an intrinsic ACD (automated call distribution) feature which distributes incoming calls to specific terminals or agents. This distribution might be done on the basis of caller’s telephone number, time of calling, or service selected.

  • Monitoring - VICIdial also allows blending of outgoing and incoming calls for closer monitoring. Customer support becomes easier. VICIdial being connected to server offers a clearer picture of database on an agent’s computer screen. Calling and monitoring becomes easier.
  • Call recording - Call recording is an essential function for a call centre. Recording of caller’s conversation is important to analyse his/her intentions and thereafter take necessary action. It is also a method of taking customers’ feedbacks which play a significant role in CRM.
  • Broadcasting – Broadcasting the same pre-recorded message to thousands of customers is an integral part of any call centre. VICIdial offers that possibility.
  • Keeping agents and IVR active – It is common in any call centre for routing conversations from IVR to agents. This framework allows IVR and agents' interaction in succession.

VICIdial is a complete tool with superior features that a call centre finds indispensable. It has the necessary attributes that a call centre requires.


Why Call2DialTech

  • A complete setup - Call2dialtech is endowed with a through team of professionals backed by latest technical facilities.
  • Time bound delivery – We at Call2dialtech are strict in completing implementation and commissioning of apps within schedule.
  • A flexible approach – In a dynamic environment where changes are frequent, we follow a flexible developmental and implementation pattern allowing us to integrate latest features in a project.
  • Prompt support – A call centre works round the clock and cannot afford to delay services. We remain alert for any exigencies that might arise while running VICIdial application.
  • Protecting your investment – We not only offer competitive prices for developing and implementing VICIdial apps, but even protect them by making improvements and enhancements as and when required.

For creating customized and sustainable VICIdial communication solutions insist on us for a meaningful outcome.